Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jason Nevins Meets Air Bureau - "Keep Fooling My Heart" (Club Mix)

This is a House Record of Note

From the man who made only a remixer's fee of a few thousand for his work on the platinum single Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - "It's Like That (And That's The Way It Is)", you've got to hand it to him not to give up as others made millions - and I bet still do - from royalties.

Well, the talents that made that track a hit are certainly in evidence here. A tight, crisp and most definitely mid-naughties production standard all round, full of great instruments and wicked sounding synth motifs. It's a beautifully made dance track this, it'll be a crowd pleaser for many a month.

I always check out Jason's House work, as his U.K.N.Y Project tune from 2003 was class, and I just know he has the knowledge of the scene to craft a hit.

Seek this one out!

You can get a copy from DJ Download for 99p.

Listen to a sample here.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Intensive Trippin' - "Intensive Trippin'"

This is a House Record of Note

Every so often a cheeky bootleg turns up that turns the world around. And this track, a bootleg of Robbie Williams "Trippin'" single is doing that right now. A mashed up funky electro bassline funk-a-thon with a killer drop.

Arriving on white label and barely decorated at all it just does its thing on the dancefloor and does it with panache. Find it, listen to it and you'll understand the damage it's capable of.

You can get a copy from Juno for £4.99.

Listen to a sample here.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

One More Angel - "Breathe" (Dj Tatana Sirup Remix)

This is a Trance Record of Note

DJ Tatana has taken a typical euro-flavoured trance track and thrown her enviable production skills at it and turned it into this class reminder of why her Sirup label is so consistent. It's her! She rocks and this track is a classic reminder of what I loved about the synth-charged energy of Trance in 1999. Glad to see it's still here!

You can get a copy from Juno for £5.99.

Listen to a sample here.


Ferry Corsten - "Star Traveller" (Hydroid Vs Zehavi & Rand Remix)

This is a Trance Record of Note

A legend was born as soon as the final track on CD 2 of "An Introspective of House: Volume 1" graced my ears. It was called Galaxia and was produced by 16 year old Ferry Corsten from Holland, under the moniker "Moonman". Since then we have seen him rise to global superstardom as the Emperor of Euphoric Trance. His productions, remixes and collaborations under the guise of "System F", "Moonman", "Vercocha", "Gouryella" and many more blaze a trail across the last 10 years setting stnadards, breaking moulds and moving dancefloors.

I've dropped his records and seen people cry with the power and emotion that only trance can create on a dancefloor. So it is with great pleasure I can recommend this latest offering.

It's under his own name, but it sounds more like a System F track, perhaps with the release of the new System F album he had a spare track that he decided to release as a one off rather than relate it to the new album and risk confusion if it wasn't to appear on it.

I recommend the remix over the original merely for the extra motifs they add to the track. I think it's down to the incredible Kuffdam & Plant track "Summer Dream" from last year (well actually from December 2004), which had these awesome tubular bell sounds. The remixers here use a similar sound and it just adds that "oh my God it's this tune" feeling, which is all you want on a dancefloor - everyone just waiting for the drop. And the riff is simple, powerful and uplifiting, so it succeeds in all areas.

Love it!

You can get a copy from Juno for £5.99.

Listen to a sample here.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Ian Van Dahl - "Movin' On" (Basto! Guitarra Mix)

This is a House Record of Note

Bob Sinclar teased us with the sound of an acoustic guitar last summer and we lapped it up. With that trend and the rise of electroclash we're hearing more guitar based pieces (check out Mark Knight's work on Joey Negro's "Make a Move" for a real showstopper).

Ian Van Dahl was responsible for some terrible candy trance a few years ago, but thankfully he's left that alone, shortened his moniker to "IVD" and gone back to working on his production skills while letting some remixers have hold and throw some quality out there.

Basto! aka Jef Martens of The Felix Project turns in a great contrasting mix on this special release to the one he put out on the original 12". Full of funky guitar and a great use of the well sung and lyrically interesting vocal, this is summer pop house and I hope it finds favour on the floor. I'm gonna love it whatever, it's a good tune in its own right, and the fact it will remind you of Bob Sinclar just helps raise it to notable status.

Top down, open road... here we come!

You can get a copy from Juno for £5.99.

Listen to a sample here.